07 марта, 2014

LastFM tools

Под катом я собрал сервисы, создающие инфорграфику на основе вашего Lastfm профиля.


  1. artist cloud
  2. tag cloud
  3. album cloud
  4. friendly soulmates
  5. average neighbour
  6. friends graph
  7. similar artists graph

This tool generates a banner with logos of bands that you are listening to and shows it on your page.

Obscurometer will calculate both how obscure your musical tastes are as compared to other people, and how obscure your favorite artists are.

Here you can create your own Last.fm music tagcloud, which will be automatically regenerated every single day.


  1. albums collage
  2. artists collage
  3. artists spiral
  4. artists typewriter

This widget lets you use the space in ‘about me’ section of your last.fm profile to show off your top albums in an easy-to-read and nice-looking way.