04 апреля, 2016

How to make Lenovo Y50-Y70 subwoofer work on linux

1. install alsa-tools-gui

2. start HDAJackRetask and choose Realtek ALC3239 codec

3. check Options --> Show unconnected pins

4. at Pin ID: 0x17 check Override and select Internal Speaker (LFE)

5. press Apply Now and Boot Override

6. place this commands into /etc/rc.local before "exit 0" line


hda-verb $dev 0x17 SET_POWER 0x0
hda-verb $dev 0x1a SET_POWER 0x0
hda-verb $dev 0x03 0x300 0xa055
hda-verb $dev 0x03 0x300 0x9055
hda-verb $dev 0x17 0x300 0xb000
hda-verb $dev 0x17 0x707 0x40
hda-verb $dev 0x1a 0x707 0x25